A sampling of my screenwriting.

The Valley
A political-science-fiction series. 200 years in our future, affluent people are implanted at birth with a neurological device that connects to the Internet, while those in poverty remain segregated and unconnected. When a normal man discovers within himself a powerful biological gift that threatens the status quo, he needs to learn to control it before others get to control it for him. Act I of the pilot.

The Dressmaker (Excerpt)
Opening pages of a biopic about Brian Epstein, manager of the Beatles.

An urban drama.  In the City of Brotherly Love, a Russian-American violinist with a dark past tries to overcome addiction, while a passionate drug counselor struggles with her own demons. Act I of the pilot.

The Academy
Hour Long dramedy. It’s Grey’s Anatomy-meets-Fame, set at the greatest acting school in the world.

Birth At The Gates (based on “A Rainbow in the Clouds” by Noah Kaplinsky.)
Excerpt of a feature-length script based on the story of my grandparents four-year separation during the Holocaust, and their unlikely survival and reunion.

Short film. A combat photographer tries to exorcise her demons with what’s supposed to be a fun day in the mountains.

First Episode of a Web Series: A bromantic comedy about two climbing partners in New York City.

A Page Turner
Short comedy skit, in which the trials and tribulations of being a page-turner for a pianist are revealed.